Monday, March 07, 2005

To smoke, or not to smoke ...

You are probably curious why I'm placing such a Shakespearian questions. And you are probably right. In such a days when the local news are full with paedophilia and women traffic scandals, when there're rumors for another "friendly fire" victim... Well, in such a days to think about smoking, is... probably lack of consideration.

For myself I'm right too. Just an hours ago I was finned for smoking, for smoking at the official, only months ago, "smoking place" in the office building I'm working in. And this in our newly established "democracy". Well, such a thing I didn't experienced even under the Communist totalitarian regime years ago.

One says (since few months - even my cigarette box) - "Smoking kills". Other says nicotine when inhaled is very beneficial. There're places, where you can check the both sides yourselves. I can tell you - I sense something really fishy. In a region, where one of the most famous tobacco brands is grown, we're practically banned from growing it. Not literally of course, but using the proper "economics regulators". The farmers are encouraged to grow another tobacco brands.

Let's bet what's the difference between the brands - nicotine. Yes !!! We are practically not permitted to grow the naturally nicotine rich tobacco brands - so called Oriental brands, and pushed to grow something, which can be used successfully (without any "harm" - nicotine if you don't understand) for fodder, for example.

Eeeh, I'm terribly angry. Where's my cigarette...


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