Monday, February 21, 2005

A short Follow-up on Smart ID Cards

You probably understand, that I'm earning my tax money in something connected with the smart ID cards. I'm back from a meeting with one lady in a Banking institution. As far as the banking issue is another topic worth of discussion - for example, the famous "666 code", I'll restrict my entry only to the smart ID cards.

Well, after discussing the bank EMV migration plan, our conversation went on more free subjects. One of them being - could the new EMV compliant banking chip card serve as a some kind of ID card? We talked about certificates, electronic signatures, etc. I decided to provoke the lady, telling about the new Estonian ID card.

I was astonished when the lady said exclaiming - what a wonderful approach to have all your electronic identity in one "place"! O sancta simplicitas! - Oh, holy simplicity! - said several hundred years ago Jan Hus. The times were other, this guy was burned on the stake. But his words remained trough the dark ages of Inquisition. They remained as a exclamation mark for those of us who try to see.

Does this lady see what means to have all your electronic identity in one place? I doubt this. Do you see the Signs?


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