Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Political Assassinations

Well, well, well... You see I'm posting from the Balkan's region. Here we keep a voluminous record with assassinations, wars, clashes and terror. Infamous fame. Probably the more involved in the politics even know the "special" term - balkanization... Yes, when and where the political situation evolves into destructiveness, insecurity and confrontation some observers claim - there is a sign of balkanization.

Assassinations, political assassinations... I'm often visiting one alternative news site. There you can follow the Signs of the Times, but not in their Biblical meaning, although now I'm thinking aloud - why not exactly in the spirit of the Gospel prophesies. No, there you can see, if you choose, the Signs of the recent days, the Signs which mark... what - up to you to decide.

The recent Signs of the Times page covers the most recent political assassination. Let me quote some comments:

It is highly unlikely that Syria was responsible for the murder of Hariri given Hariri's recent resignation over Syrian influence in the Lebanese government and his call for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. Let's get real here. Syria is well aware of the drums of war that the US and Israel have been sounding in it's direction. The very last thing they would want to do is gift the US and Israel with a reason to bang those drums even louder. As we said, ALL logic and reason points to Israel and/or the US as being behind this murder. After all, "shattering calm" is what the Mossad and CIA excel at.

Do I agree with this comment? Yes, as a first layer under the cover of the event in question, this is an obvious explanation. Are there more hidden layers below? I think yes again. And this reflects the experience gained from the wretched fate of the area I'm living in. Only the last 10 years keep a record of three political assassinations: one ex-PM, one operative PM and one President. Not to mention the "famous" assassination which ignited a World War.

What are the possible more deeply hidden layers under the Hariri assassination? Can they disclose the hidden agenda of the perpetrators? I think this is one of the most deeply hidden from the humanity secrets and doubt we will be able to discover it so easy.

But who knows? Let us try to uncover the secret. Let us try to see...


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